Studio Tero Pennanen is an international architecture and design studio. 

Our design projects have included restaurants, cafes, corporate offices, retail spaces, and trade show booths. In addition, we have designed new buildings for private individuals, such as single-family homes, vacation residences, and apartments. 

Our office specializes in demanding audiovisual integrations and products requiring compliance with the ATEX Equipment Directive. 

We oversee all aspects of the project from concept development to project management, paying special attention to details, form, and style while respecting the client´s preferences and budget.

Design ensures the functionality, beauty, and quality of the environment.

How do we approach a project?

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of personalized service. We maintain clear and consistent communication throughout our projects, listen to the needs of our clients, and strive to make collaboration with us as smooth and efficient as possible. We take into account the client's preferences and input at every stage of the project. We respond promptly to our clients' needs by adapting our working methods to fit each client and project.

Style, quality, durability of materials, ecological considerations, and ethical practices are always relevant.

We believe in sustainable design and energy efficiency. We aim to contribute to the forefront of design excellence and environmental sustainability. 

They play a significant role in all our projects.