Home should be designed around our way of life. It should celebrate the everyday, be rooted in our reality, and provide an informal space for us to engage with others. It is a place where we should feel connected and at ease. Simultaneously, it is a space where we can be open and generous, elevating ordinary activities with others to another level through the thought and attention we invest in them. It is warm, not cool. It is evident in small gestures, not stylistic statements.

 Home is clearly much more than just a house!


Transforming an Old Elementary School into a Modern Vacation Home required not only a vision, but also meticulous planning and execution. These elements come together to form a rewarding outcome. In this project, we merged history, architecture, and contemporary comfort to create a unique and enticing holiday home.

One alluring feature of old elementary schools is their traditional architecture. We preserved the building's original appearance and characteristics, such as high ceilings, large windows, and historical details. Collaborating closely with the client, we designed the home to be spacious and bright.

The process continues…




Villa Princess Park: A modern cottage by Lake Päijänne. Offering a unique opportunity to escape the rush of daily life and reconnect with nature. Large window zones provide an immersive experience, while modern comforts remain at your fingertips. Embrace the peace year-round. Handcrafted architectural beauty, prioritizing simplicity and comfort.

Rediscover life's simple joys outdoors – the quiet of the woods, the brilliance of starlit skies. Revel in nature's sounds, inhale fresh air, and briefly leave the digital world behind… for a while at least.

The building is split into public and private areas.

It has employed a classification where the bedrooms and spa-area are separated by a corridor, forming their own entity distinct from the kitchen and common living areas. With a total floor area of 100 square metres, has a U-shaped ground plan gathered a central courtyard. House been tailored for year-round use and it will be completed in 2024.


There are an estimated 3.2 million saunas in Finland. Now one more can be added to that amount.

... and one more!


The Villa, which is in all year round use, is located in the Sipoo archipelago, on a rocky plot overlooking a beautiful straight in the south. The villa, together with a shoreline sauna made of local wood, is of considerable size, expressive in shape, and firmly anchored in rocky soil. The shape of this summerhouse looks different - narrow and light, large and heavy - according to the viewer's angle of view.