HTC Seafront -project

We were tasked with an project to transform an unused space near the seaside into a space for employee lunches and meetings.

In the first phase of the HTC Seafront project, the area was terraced. At the same time, we decided to add glass meeting rooms, which would be built as separate structures on the terrace. The glass meeting rooms were constructed by @savonlasituote. This way, we created space for various events, outdoor activities, and simply relaxing by the sea.

The glass meeting rooms provide a place for holding meetings, seminars, and other events. The area also fosters community among businesses. These spaces are open almost year-round, allowing people to enjoy sea views regardless of the weather while working or conducting meetings.

In the next phase of the project, we will focus on landscaping by selecting plants that are suitable for the local climate and easy to maintain. The area will be adorned with a variety of ornamental plants, such as colorful flowers and bushes, to create a beautiful and green ambiance on the terrace. Trees will be planted to provide shade and enhance visual appeal, all while not forgetting about the inclusion of useful plants.

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